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The braking system consists of four sets of components which are an energy-supplying device, control device, transmission device, and the brake.

The energy supplying device refers to the supply and adjustment of the necessary energy required for braking.

The control device refers to the brake pedal. The transmission device refers to the conversion and multiplication of the force applied by our foot on the pedal. The brake refers to the brake pads.

A fallacy in any of the mentioned components can result in a discrepancy in the entire functioning of the braking system.

Whatever it might be, we assure you that we are capable of plugging it.




The exhaust must be in a good condition for good fuel economy and your safety.

The main purpose of the exhaust is to carry away the nauseous gases, that are harmful for your health as well as the environment, out of the combustion chamber of the engine. Because of its importance, our technicians recommend frequent checks of your exhaust system.

Our experts, at Ross Service Centre, suggest that there must be no holes in the exhaust system or passenger footwell of your car where the toxic fumes can enter. Care must be taken to ensure every part of your exhaust is in good shape.

Bring your vehicle to our garage, and we will offer the honest exhaust repair and replacement in your budget.


Tyres, which are in good health, offer four main benefits to their drivers. These include providing grip for acceleration and braking, maintaining directional control while steering, acting as a shock absorber and supporting the vehicle’s weight.

Moreover, the tread design of the tyre is vital too. Its tread design provides the grip of the road, helps to cope with high temperatures due to friction and resists wear and tear.

To enjoy uninterrupted safety and performance, it is essential that you care for your car tyres. Under-inflated tyres can overheat; while, over-inflated tyres can cause poor vehicle handling. You can check tyre damage on its external surface in the form of cuts. External tyre damage makes the tyre prone to sudden tyre failure.

If you need help to take care of your tyres, contact Ross Service Centre today.




An MOT test is an annual inspection that is required by law on all vehicles in the UK that are older than 3 years (and some vehicles that are older than 1 year). The test follows strict criteria set by the DVSA to determine whether your car is safely roadworthy. A broad range of vehicle safety checks must be completed by an MOT test centre with DVSA-approved examiners, including lights, tyres, seatbelts and emissions.

Book a Service at the same time as your MOT at Ross Service Centre and receive an additional saving over the standard individual product price.

From petrol cars, diesel cars, LCVs, bike, minibus and vans, you will find the best MOT & Service pries with us.

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